Amazing sunset

Kayaking in Sweden (2015)

Time for a change. No bikes this time, but a kayak. No roads, but sea. No climbs, but waves. We decided to go for a six-day kayaking trip around the Stockholm Archipelago. Being novices, we were extremely lucky to have great weather conditions: around 23 degrees, mostly sunny, and hardly any wind. The trip was…

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Following the Rio Tinto

Cycling in Andalusia (2014)

After two tours in Sardinia, we decided to find a new location for a cycling tour in the fall of 2014. Andalusia (a region in Spain) is well known to cyclists for its good weather conditions and challenging stages. We flew to Seville, rented bikes there, and did a five-day cycling tour on MTBs, via…

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View of Aggius

Cycling in Sardinia (2013)

The goal for our second cycling tour of Sardinia (make sure to also read about our first cycling tour of Sardinia) was to actually start and end at Alghero, instead of relying on public transport to get to our starting location. Having said that, this goal also makes it harder to get far away from…

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Dune climbing

Cycling in Sardinia (2012)

While looking for an activity and destination for a week-long holiday in the fall, we ended up going to Sardinia for a cycling tour. After flying to Alghero and renting bikes there (see below), we decided to take the train down south to Iglesias and start our tour there, cycling our way back to Alghero,…

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