Trail: Wisenttrail

In my previous post I wrote that I would have to wait for summer to be over for the next trail run. Well, “summer” is over and autumn has started. Which means that trail season has started as well! And what a way to kick off the season by running the Wisenttrail in Apeldoorn.

My plan was to go beyond the 30km mark for the first time. So, after signing up for the 34km race, I spent my summer doing regular 20km+ runs in the weekends. They were mainly road runs, not much off road unfortunately. And also they were flat, except for the occasional bridge. Still, I felt quite confident about finishing this race in a decent way….

Until 25km it did seem to go pretty well. I had a steady pace, made my way through the first “hilly” 18km, survived the sting of a European hornet (you know, one of these massive wasps; apparently we came too close to their nest, so at least 30 people were stung) at kilometer 12, and I was close to being top 10 at that point. But then my legs told me “dude, we’re gonna stop functioning now. Enjoy the remaining 9km…”

Well, thanks legs! You left me stranded on the beautiful heathlands of Hoog Buurlo. Of course, there are much worse places to be stranded, but this was not the plan. After a couple of kilometers of walking and running, I managed to pick up a decent pace for the remaining 5km back to the finish line. Much slower than the first 25km, but at least I had the feeling I was moving. I crossed the finish line as 31st, in 3h 5min.

Regardless of the “suffering”, this trail run is one of the most beautiful ones out there. Challenging, but with so much to see. Great single tracks, beautiful views, and an excellent organization and atmosphere as well. Personally, I would need to prepare slightly differently for next time, but I’m sure I’ll be back for a third Wisenttrail in 2018.