Trail: RunForestRun Gees-Meppen

It’s the end of June. Summer is happening, or at least it is approaching, which means that the trail season comes to an end. The RunForestRun trail in the surroundings of Gees and Meppen is my last trail before the summer, so I’d better enjoy it.

Fortunately, we live in the Netherlands, which means that summer is about as unpredictable as autumn. After a week of proper summer with soaring temperatures, race day looked much more like fall. Temperatures around 20 degrees and rain made it to be real trail circumstances. And on top of that, the Gees-Meppen race offered great tracks to add to the trail experience.

I don’t know how Winfried Bats and others manage to find all these tracks every time again, but I love them for it. This particular event offered a wide variety of sceneries, from grasslands to forrest, and from wooden trails to thicket. We passed by several cute fens, some even covered in water lilies, which made the experience all the better.

Right, and there was some running involved as well. For about half the race I was surrounded by a couple of other runners, which made it easier to maintain pace and sometimes hide from the wind. Due to the hydration posts we were scattered more and more, which I kinda like. It feels great to be running alone, in beautiful surroundings, and once a while passing other runners. The 21km went by quickly, I did not overdo it, took it “easy”, and finished after 1h45m. Soaking wet, but very satisfied.

Now let’s hope summer goes by quickly:-)

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