Trail: RunForestRun Besthemerberg

RunForestRun Besthemerberg

A couple of months ago I discovered trail running. Not that I did not know about it, but I actually never really tried it. What a mistake that was! I mean, the part of not trying it. After participating in five of these trail runs I cannot imagine myself ever again doing a regular road race. The sense of freedom, the beautiful surroundings, the challenging tracks, the atmosphere before and after the race, it all makes that trail running is definitely my new best friend.

Last Saturday I participated in the 20km RunForestRun Besthemerberg, close to the village of Ommen. About 300 people joined the 20km race, with another 250 going for either the 42km or 10km. The race had everything you would expect from a trail run: a lot of single tracks, a bit of uphill (for Dutch standards), fairly technical parts, and some natural obstacles.

As I started the race in the middle of the field, it took some time to get more to the front. These single tracks are awesome, but taking over is hard. Lucky for me, some of the front runners missed a turn, which meant I all of a sudden was pretty much in front. Sounds unfair, right? I agree, but paying attention to the signs is as important as the actual running bit. The signs on this trail were very clear, so missing them is, well, really your own mistake. In the end, these trails are not about winning or beating your personal best. It is about having a great time and enjoying yourself. That’s exactly what I did. It was a tough trail run, but the feeling of accomplishment was terrific! My time, you might be wondering? 1 hour 33 min and several seconds. Not bad at all for a Saturday morning.

Next up, the 26km RunForestRun Drents Friese Wold. Same organization, different location. I can’t wait!